How to Track SBI Debit Card Delivery Status
How to Track SBI Debit Card Delivery Status

In this article, we are going to tell you How to Track SBI Debit Card Delivery Status? We all know that SBI is the largest Bank in India. Its headquarter is present in Mumbai, Maharastra. Moreover, It is a Public sector Financial Company in which 61.23% of shares are owned by Government of India. Even SBI has the largest number of ATMs in all over India. Therefore, Looking at this data consumers of SBI is also increasing day by day. Moreover, the SBI Debit Card holders are also present in a subsequent amount of numbers in our country. On the other hand, some people are still applying for SBI debit cards. The reason can be anything like switching to SBI or the ease of use etc. Whatever the reason is here we are going to explain you to How to Track SBI Debit Card Delivery Status?

How to Track SBI Debit Card Delivery Status? (Guide)

Comparing the Number of ATMs, SBI has the most. Therefore, consumers are switching to SBI. However, if you have applied for an SBI Debit card and wants to check its delivery status, then this article is for you.

When you apply for an ATM Card or Debit card, officials send you the ATM or Debit card via Speed Post. After they send your card through Speed Post, they send you the courier details Via SMS on your registered Mobile Number. Moreover, In the courier details, a tracking number is also present. You can also check your ATM Card Tracking Number in the SMS. The tracking number is the Speed Post Number which is present in the SMS. This number contains 13 Digits of Alphanumeric code. Officials also call it by the name ‘Consignment Number‘.

After you get this number visit the site

Scroll down and you find a section called Track N Trace. In this section, check the Consignment Radio button. By default, it is already checked. Now, fill your Consignment Number and verification code present on the boxes there. Then, Click on Track Now button.

After clicking on the Track Now button you will get your card dispatch details. Moreover, you will also find the delivery date of your card.

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