dot launching technology to find lost mobile phones

C-DOT has made a project called Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) that can now track lost mobile phones. Till now, if someone lost a mobile phone, it can either be tracked by the SIM present in it or its IMEI number. However, both way has its limitation.

For example, One can remove the SIM card from the phone or One can change the phone’s IMEI number.

Back in 2017, the Government of India Funded around Rs. 15 crores to DOT to make such an astonishing project.

The result is spontaneously after two years C-DOT came with a project called CEIR.

Do note that CEIR is Independent of IMEI technology and it can track lost or stolen mobile phones even if someone changes its SIM or IMEI number.

In a recent PTI post, some DOT official reveals they are looking forward to launching this project in August this year. However, Before that, they have to propose the government to present this project in the next Parliament Session.

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