Sanjay Kumar Monu

Sanjay likes to write about Social issues, Politics and Movies. In his free time he likes to binge watch Netflix and mind provoking documentaries. More by Sanjay Kumar Monu

Shweta Prasad

Shweta loves to write Poem. Affectionate with Art and Songs. In the meantime, she loves to hear Songs and watch TV Shows. More by Shweta Prasad

Parminder Drall

An aspiring writer and an avid reader, I enjoy writing about the things which affects society in general. Having a deep understanding of economics as a subject technology also excites me a lot. More by Parminder Drall

Mehak Bahl

An aspiring writer, always a learner and a reader. I am curious about everything and nothing. Current interests are sociology and psychology and much more to be added in near future. More by Mehak Bahl