Top 10 Movie Theatres in India
Top 10 Movie Theatres in India

We all love watching movies, but do we really know What are the top 10 movie theatres in India. Most of us people love watching movies on big screen. Nowadays there are many types of cinema theaters available like 3D, IMAX, Multiplexes, Megaplexes etc. Seeing the growing interest of the people in the movies and the growing crowd, the cinema theaters owner also giving all the comforts people need. Now, These theaters, are started to give many different services also. First of all, we talk about these services, then on the basis of these services, we will tell you about the Top 10 Movie Theatres in India?

Today’s Cinema Theatre Features

Comfortable Reversible Seat

To sit in the cinema for 2 to 3 hours, it is important that the seats you are sitting on are comfortable. So nowadays, in almost all the theaters, you will find comfortable seats to move back to the padded.

Quality of sound

The Cinema Theatre is nothing but a huge hall. Here the sound quite resounding here. But thankfully today’s cinemas have noise cancellation vents for improving sound quality. Even, new machines of today’s generation have started to be assembled for good sound quality such as 3D surround sound, DTS etc.

Service on the seat

While watching movies, most of the customers want snacks, drinks, popcorns etc right on their seats. They want to also enjoy these things as they watch the movie. Therefore, in order to get these services, a button assembles right beneath the seat in most of the theaters these days. Pressing this button will give you the service on your seat.

Private Compartment for family and couple

Whenever a family or a couple go to watch film together, they want to sit together many times. In such a scenario, you will also find private compartment seats in the theaters nowadays.

Ticket rate

If we look at all these features then you will feel that the ticket rate will be very expensive. But nowadays cinemas have kept the ticket rate also affordable.

So let us now tell you about the 10 best movie theaters in India, keeping in mind all of the above mentioned features.

List of Top 10 Movie theatres in India

PVR New Delhi Directors Cut

Nelson Mandela Marg, Ambience Island, Sector D, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi’s PVR Directors Cut, we have given the first place because, apart from the above-mentioned features, you will find many other things here too. Here you will find bar, cafe, petsissory and bookshops etc. A Unique thing about this theater is that you will find a separate lamp on each seat. There is also a Smokey section here as well. If you talk about tickets, here, the ticket price is from 800 to 1200 rupees.

PVR Superplex Noida

In our list of Top 10 Movie Theatres in India, we place PVR Superplex in the second. It is located in Noida’s Logics Town Center Shopping Mall. Here you will find Imax, 3D and Normal theater easily. If the number of screens is counted, then you can consider PVR Superplex NOIDA as India’s second largest theater. Talking about the ticket rate, here, the ticket rate is between Rs 200 and Rs 840.

PVR Koramangala, Gold Cinema, Bangalore

PVR Koramangala Gold Cinema, which is India’s third largest theater, offers its customers different experiences. Here the customer is looking for a good dinner recipe and enjoying a great movie as well. It is the famous cinema theater in Bangalore. Speaking of the ticket rate, the ticket rate here is between Rs 650 to Rs 750.

INOX, CR2, Narimpoet, Mumbai

The special thing about this theater is its special screen called “Insignia”, where you get a great Movie Experience. However, the ticket rates here are quite rational. Here the ticket rate is from 180 rupees to 900 rupees.

PVR Lulu Mall Kochi

You will find nine screens in PVR located in Lulu Mall, which is called Kerala’s finest movie theater. If we count the number of seats, as see from this perspective, it is India’s largest movie theater. Here, 3000 people can watch the movie together. If you talk about the ticket, the ticket price here is between Rs 150 to Rs 400.

Ariesplex SL Cinema Kerala

The specialty of this theater is the seats here. The seats here are imported from Belgium. For the first time in this theater of South India, 4K projectors were found.

Raj Mandir Jaipur

It is Asia’s oldest theater, about 250 years old. Raj Mandir is India’s largest single-screen theater. This theater is quite royal but its ticket charges are quite cheap. Its ticket rate is between Rs 120 to Rs 400.

PVR Plaza, Connaught Place, New Delhi

PVR Plaza, located at Connaught Place, New Delhi, is also one of India’s top theaters. Here you will find the movie premiere, as well as the seats and services you enjoy here too.

Mayajal Multiplex Chennai

There is a total of sixteen screens in this theater. The Mayajal Theater, which has been running since 1997, has now become very big and offers good movie experiences. The ticket price is between Rs 120 to Rs 155.

Prasad’s Hyderabad

It is India’s third-largest IMAX which has been developing with time. In this theater, you will find gaming zones, food courts, etc. easily. Speaking of the ticket rate, the ticket rate here is between Rs 120 to Rs 500.

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