CBSE Introduces Applied Mathematics as an elective subject for Class 11th Students

In a bid to help students learn the application of Mathematics in different fields not just limited to Science, Today CBSE has introduced a new elective subject called Applied Mathematics (241) for Class 11 students.

Well, as you can see the subject is elective hence those who not want to take the same subject can skip it. CBSE says, Mathematics is widely used in higher studies in the field of Economics, Commerce, Social Sciences and many other. However, the existing Mathematics syllabus limits students to apply their Mathematical Knowledge only to Science subjects.

Hence, keeping this in mind and wants to help students learn the application of Mathematics in different fields that is not just limited to science, We bring this new elective subject.

Who are eligible to choose Applied Mathematics (241) Course?

CBSE says, students who want to study Mathematics at University level or want to take admission in Mathematics Honours course or Engineering course may take Mathematics (041).

Class 10th students who have passed either the Basic Mathematics or both the Basic Mathematics and Standard Mathematics (041) are eligible to take Applied Mathematics (241) as an elective subject in Class 11th.

Understand the different between Skill Elective and Academic Elective for Applied Mathematics

Last year some Students (who are now in Class 12th) chooses Applied Mathematics as Skill Elective. Now, because this year CBSE introduces Applied Mathematics as Academic Elective, Students who have earlier Choosen Applied Mathematics (840) as a Skill Elective will now be required to choose Applied Mathematics as Academic Elective for the year 2020-21, during registration for Class 12th. They then have to follow the syllabus of Applied Mathematics (241). Now, for the academic year 2020-21, Applied Mathematics Course (241) will not be available as a Skill Elective. That means Class 11th Students have to choose this subject as Academic Elective.

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