Central Vista Project
Central Vista Project

The new residence of the Prime Minister of India which is a part of Central Vista Project has got the environment clearance from the apex court of India i.e. the Supreme Court.

The apex court has said that the new residence isn’t violating any environmental or land-use norms, hence has got the green clearance.

What is the Central Vista Project?

The Central Vista Project is a redevelopment project of India’s Central Administrative area located near Raisina Hill, New Delhi.

Under this project the Old Parliament, the North and South Block, and Presidential Gardens are repurposed to create some new structures that includes the New Parliament Building, New Residence for Vice President, New Residence for Prime Minister, Central Conference Centre, Common Central Secretariat, and Central Vista Avenue.

The Deadline to build Prime Minister’s New Residence

The new residence of the Prime Minister of India is said to be built by the end of next year.

The new residence for the Vice President is said to be completed by May next year.

The other structures that are the part of Central Vista Project and to be completed by the end of next year includes the headquarters of the Special Protection Group for PM Security, executive enclaves for bureaucrats.

The expected cost to construct all these buildings is said to be Rs. 13,450 crores and the construction of these projects will employ nearly 46,000 people.

Oppositions not in favour of Central Vista Project

The non-ruling or the opposition parties in India are not in favour of this Central Vista Redevelopment Project saying, In these difficult times when most of the hospitals in our country are facing the shortage of oxygen supply, ventilators, and beds, spending that much amount on the redevelopment of the above mentioned buildings isn’t necessary for now.

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