National Education Policy 2020

While the Global Pandemic has affected a lot of things round the world, Education is also one of them. In India, Education has changed not just in a way it is taught but also in the quantity it is given to the students earlier. Take Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education as an example, who after seeing the impact of the existing global pandemic on education, has now reduced the board exam syllabus for Class 9 to 12 by 40%.

In addition to reducing the board exam syllabus by 40%, the education board has also given the teachers the liberty to reduce the syllabus of practical exams by 40%.

On their official website, the education board has listed the revised syllabus for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12.

As per a Times of India report, The Chairman of the board, Dr. D.P. Jaroli said, the high level syllabus committee of the board has prepared a format to summarize the syllabus which will be made available soon to the subject experts so that the symmetry in the syllabus will remain intact.

Rajasthan to conduct the NTSE exam on December 13

The board chairman has also said that the RBSE is going to conduct the National Talent Search Examination on December 13 following NCERT guidelines. The exam will be based on last year’s Class 9 plus this year Class 10 revised syllabus. Class 10th students can apply for this exam via their school.

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