jio 5g smartphone under rs 5000

It has been 8 years since 4G entered India, now it’s time to upgrade and evolve the fourth generation to the Fifth one. Now, even though the Indian Government hasn’t allocated the 5G Spectrum to any of the telecom operators in India, some of them have already conducted the 5G Network Trial. Currently, amid this global pandemic, we don’t know the exact date when the Government will allocate the 5G Spectrum, but telecom companies in India are waiting for the same with their open mouth.

In addition to that, Telecom companies who have a budget and vision to sell their 5G device when the era of 5G begins have also started preparing for the same. Take Reliance Jio as an example that recently has sold 7.7 percent of its stake to Google for Rs 33,737 crore. Google is also helping Reliance to develop an Android Based Operating system that can be used in the upcoming Jio 5G smartphone.

I think many of you heard that Jio is developing its 5G smartphone but you may not have heard that their cost would be under Rs 5000. A recent report from the Economic Times states, Reliance Jio upcoming 5G smartphone price would be Rs 5000 and as soon as its sale rises the price may fall in between Rs 2500 to Rs 3000. One of the company officials has revealed this information to the Economic Times team on the condition of no identity disclosure.

For now, we don’t know any of the specifications of the upcoming Jio 5G smartphone, however, if Reliance launches its 5G smartphone at Rs 5000 then it may become the cheapest 5G smartphone in India. Currently, 5G smartphones in India fall in the price range of Rs 27000.

With this smartphone, the company plans to target 20 to 30 crore mobile phone users in India who are on 2G network.

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