CBSE Increases the Registration and Migration Fee for Class 10th and 12th by 200 and 40 percent respectively. Last year Class 10th student pays Rs 450 as the registration fee but this year they have to pay Rs 1500. Similarly, Last year Class 12th student pays Rs 1050 as the registration fee but this year they have to pay Rs 1050.

Not just the registration fee, CBSE also increases the Migration fee. Last year the migration fee for either of class 10th or 12th was Rs 150 which CBSE has more than doubled this year i.e. Rs 350.

Candidates who haven’t cleared the examination and want to take re-admission have to pay Rs 5000.

Do note that, this year, The last date for submission of registration fee for either Class 10th and 12th student is October 15. Failing to submit the registration fee till October 15 raises a penalty of Rs 2000.

School authorities and parents have already complained CBSE about the hike in registration fee and other fees. However, CBSE said that is fine because every 5 year they update the fees.

The hike in registration and other fees, Government school students are most affected with that as they are not even capable of buying books for the course, Times of India quoted.

However, Delhi government has given relief to their government school students because they said they are going to pay the registration fee of class 10th and 12th student.

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