Best Holi Bhojpuri Songs 2020
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In this article, I’m gonna share with you guys some of the Best Holi Bhojpuri Songs 2020. Holi the festival of colors is near. Moreover, it is a very unique festival celebrated in entire India. For most of the travel freaks, Playing Holi in Mathura and Awadh is a must. Further, Songs add an extra effect in the enjoyment of the festival. Today, We are going to give you a list of best Bhojpuri Holi Songs.

Undoubtedly, Holi is celebrated in entire India but, it has extra importance in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Although, there are plenty of Hindi songs, party without Bhojpuri song is boring. So, here goes the list.

List of Best Holi Bhojpuri Songs 2020

Recently, When people hear Bhojpuri song, the only name that strikes in mind is Khesari Laal Yadav. He is very famous Bhojpuri singer, apart from him there are many others like Manoj Tiwari, Pawan Singh etc.

Chhapra Mein Pakadayenge

Now, everyone must be familiar with the song “Theek Hai”. This song is the Holi version of “Theek Hai”. The song “Theek hai” was based on the viral video of a girl who repeatedly said “Theek Hai”. You Can Watch the Video Song from the below link.

Kahwa Daali Ragwa Laale Laal Odhni Odhle Baaru

Another famous song from Khesari Laal Yadav. You can watch it via the link given below.

Khesari Ke Holi

Moreover, the name itself says the Singer name. Yes, you got it right it’s Khesari Laal Yadav. You can enjoy the video song here.

Rangwa Ghorail Ba Laal Laal Re

This song has its separate fan base. This famous one is from Ritesh Pandey. You yourself listen to the song and enjoy, the link is given below.

Phalana Bo Dharaili ho holiya mein

So, now we have pawan singh in the list. Yes, the one whose “Lollipop” song is now world famous. Enjoy this holi song video here.

Phagun Mein Bhauji Kamaal Kaile Ba

Manoj Tiwari is the name behind this super sexy Holi Song. Enjoy the song with video here.

Gaon Ke Holi

This is a mashup of nine songs sung by one of the very famous female Bhojpuri song Kalpana. This mashup is of 55 entertaining minutes. You can enjoy it here.

Phagun Ke Lahar Mein

Another one from Kalpana. This song is always in the playlist in Holi. You can enjoy it here.

Bhatar Aeihein Holi Ke Baad

This one’s a superhit song again from Khesari Laal Yadav. I mean you can’t imagine Bhojpuri song without mentioning Khesari Laal Yadav. Enjoy this superhit sing here.

Aawa Na Choli Mein Rang Dalwa La

Jogira Sa Ra Ra, Pawan Singh with Akshara Singh is setting the mood for Holi. Enjoy the song here.

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