Sufi Songs of Bollywood

How many of you love to listen Sufi songs of Bollywood? Here is a list of the top 10 Sufi songs of Bollywood you haven’t heard earlier.

You woke up late today, missed your bus to the office, now got late to the office, missed breakfast because of all this, your boss yelled at you.

Now let us admit, we all have our hard days, be it in the workplace or anywhere, Sufi songs of Bollywood especially are our disguised lifesaver. They are comforting just like hot chocolate in freezing winter.

Everything in Sufism is pure and serene. Its purpose is to spread love, peace, positivity, and happiness throughout the world, which should be our purpose too.

It’s so liberating and soothing at the same time when you sing along these Sufi songs and surrender to god and detach for a while from all the material possessions and just be in the present moment which mind you is rare these days.

So sing with me these Sufi songs of Bollywood and feel the contentment and fulfillment.

The soul has been given its own ear to hear things that the mind does not understand- Rumi

Now it’s time, let us hear some melodious Sufi songs of Bollywood

Pro tip- use earphones while listening and have a tea/coffee with you to make your listening experience more profound.

Top 10 Unheard Sufi Songs of Bollywood


Saiyyan is a beautiful Sufi song by Kailash Kher in which he describes his love very uniquely.

The starting lines of this song are ‘’Heere moti main na chaahun,mai to chaahun sangam tera. To loosely translate ‘’I don’t wish for diamonds or pearls, I wish that we become one’’

The beginning of this song is like this, then just imagine how the song is?

‘’Tujhe jeet jeet haaroon, yeh praan praan waarun’’

Translate to’’ as I win you, I lose myself, I surrender these breaths to you’’.

 and these lines certainly leave us in awe

Maula Mere Maula

Maula mere Maula is an amazing Sufi song of Bollywood 

This song has a very profound meaning.

The listener would find oneself lost in love towards god. this song is from the movie Anwar which was  released in 2007 and the singer is Roop Kumar Rathod


Any Sufi songs of Abida Praveen leave us calmer and fulfilled.

Atif begins the song with his soulful voice and it captures your attention right from the start as it talks about one’s connection with God in the purest manner

Aaye Kuch Abr

In the Sufi song of Aaye Kuch Abr, Atif Aslam found words that gave expression to his silence, drawing on something deep within them.

With his mastery over language, Faiz described many multiple layers of meaning. ‘’is Tarah Apni khaamushi goonji, goya har samt se jawaab aye, which translates ‘’in such a way my own silence reverberated as if an answer came from every direction’’.

These lines in the song provoke us to listen to more of Faiz’s song 

Aye Dil-e-Nadaan

Aye Dil-e Nadaan was the last song written by lyricist/poet Jan Nisar Akhtar. 

The despair, the agony, the melancholy, and the pessimism in the lyrics…” kya qayamat hai, kya musibat hai, Keh nhi sakte, Kiske Armaan hai”.

Lata’s voice hits the highest chords while desperation comes and emptiness conquers.


Arziyaan is a Sufi song of Bollywood by Kailash Kher and Javed Ali that has the divine spirituality of love.

Arziyaan is from the movie Delhi 6 and is another intrinsic song that makes you lost in the devotion and love of God. 

The lines of the song ” jab Teri Gali Aaya, sach tabhi Nazar aya, mujh mein hi voh khushboo thi jise tune milwaaya”,  translate to “I saw the truth when I came in your lane, you introduced me to the fragrance that was within me ” left us all in self-introspection


Mitwa, a Sufi song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from the movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna is a light Sufi song that you can listen to while taking long walks.

‘’Mere mann yeh bata de tu,kisi aur chala tu ”, that translates’ ‘ my heart please tell me, in which direction you are going” and sometimes aren’t we all asking this same question?

Allah ke Bande

Allah ke bande is an incredibly golden song which is by legend Kailash Kher who is a true savior during hard times. 

The listener would find oneself lost in love towards god. 

The lines of the song ‘’ dard ko aapne saath mey lele,gam Bhi tere kaam ayga translate to ‘’take your sorrow with you and it will be useful to you in future” which positively inspires us in every aspect.

Teri Deewani

Kailash Kher is known for his melodious and meaningful songs, Teri deewani is one of his best works.

The video with a compilation of lyrics is simply a brilliant amalgamation that makes your listening worthwhile.

Ya Rabba

Ya Rabba is another golden song by Kailash Kher. 

The singer is trying to differentiate between grief and love.

While he is going through a hard phase of his life. Yes I know half of these songs are by Kailash Kher, he’s a legend and deserves all the attention.

Now here we are, at the end of this article. Go and listen to these Top 10 Sufi songs of Bollywood in silence and feel contentment.

I hope you discovered your personal favorite Sufi song by reading this article. If you did, tell us in the comment section which is your personal favorite and show support by subscribing to us, if you liked the article.

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