Top 10 Most Romantic Punjabi Songs

Indian Cinema other than its thrill, drama, and action is also known for its beautiful songs. In this article we are listing Top 10 most romantic Punjabi songs for all the Punjabi music lovers out there.

Music is the most romantic and beautiful way to express love. Music is that language of love that is understood by all, it connects.

Where words fail music speaks.

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Okay, it’s time for our Top 10 most romantic Punjabi Songs that you can listen to right now. So, here is the list.

Top 10 most Romantic Punjabi Songs

1. Duji Vaar Pyaar

This is an album by Sunanda Sharma. This song reminds you how it feels to fall for the same person many times. This song combines all the feelings of the first love and makes it extremely special. Also the lyrics of this song will take your heart away.

2. Main Teri Ho Gyi

A song by Millind Gaba which is all about promises we make in love. This song is perfect to tell the voice of your heart to your partner. What you feel for them.

3. Relation

What is love without small cute fights. This song by Nikk will make you enjoy all those cute moments with your beloved.

4. Jatti Da Crush

How many of you have a crush on someone. Well if you have a crush on someone then this song is for you. The lyrics are awesome and written beautifully and yes you can surely relate.

5. Khaab

This song is beautifully sung by Akhil and will definitely gonna make you emotional. This song is all about love at first sight from a physically disabled (deaf) person and then small tries to explain your love for them.

6. Soch

A Classic one from one of the popular Punjabi singers Hardy Sandhu. While listening to this song you definitely gonna feel love, care, affection, emotion, and importance of someone. The lyrics are beautifully sprinkling with an essence of true love.

7. Jannat

What can be more beautiful than to make your partner feel special in love. In short a simple song with impactful lyrics.

8. Gal Karke

Another beautiful song by Nikk. Seems like I like Nikk songs a lot. This song will make you blush as it takes you through those sweet moments of love when your eyes are secretly seeing the one whom you love the most.

9. Baari

Baari by Bilal Saeed is all about the feeling and nervousness we all have before falling for someone for the second time.

10. Khyaal Rakhya Kar

Love is all about caring for each other. This song has sweet romantic lyrics full of care. This song will make you realise how beautiful it is to care for your partner, how beautiful it is to be happy in your partner’s happiness.

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