Ethanol-Petrol Blend E20 Vehicle Fuel India

This Monday, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway has reportedly released a draft mentioning a fuel named E20 and said it could be used as the fuel for two and four wheeler vehicles in India in the coming years.

The Ministry said, after considering all the comments and suggestions in December this year, the draft may be approved for the rollout.

What is E20 and Why Indian Government consider it as the future fuel for Vehicles?

E20 is a blend of Petrol (also called Gasoline) and Ethanol. E20 comprises 20% of Ethanol and 80% of petrol.

The Indian Government is looking at E20 as the future fuel for vehicles because studies show that E20 emits less Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons in comparison to the normal gasoline.

Ethanol demand to rise in India

The demand for Ethanol is going to rise in India. Yesterday, an Indian Express report reveals, Oil companies in India are set to purchase 283 crore litres of Ethanol in between December 2020 to November 2021 to mix it with petrol (not to produce the E20 but to produce the Petrol only). Those of you who don’t know, the petrol we are using has some percent of ethanol too.

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