fani cyclone name
fani cyclone name

In this article, I’m gonna talk about How did Fani Cyclone get her name? Right now, Fani Cyclone is one of the hottest topic in India. The Cyclone which we expect to primarily hit Odisha but will also affect Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. According to researchers and scientists, Right now, this Cyclone is about 400-500 KM away from these states and will reach there yesterday somewhere around evening.

Odisha Government have already taken proper safety measurement and evacuate the sea coast areas. This is not the first time Odisha going to hit by a Cyclone. Last year, if you remember Titli Cyclone hits Odisha whose wind speed was around 150 km/hr. That time Odisha government evacuate around 3 lakh people.

Okay, let’s talk about How did Fani Cyclone get her name?

If you notice in the title I have use her, that means Fani Cyclone is a female. How did I categorize Fani Cyclone as a female though? Well, it is not me who categorize a cyclone name as female. World Weather Information service set this standard. WWIS faced many criticism by different women organisation for categorizing Cyclone name in Female Category. Fani is also a Women name that is commonly used is East-Asia.

Now, talking about the name, Fani got her name by Bangladesh Meteorological Department. Also, You might be thinking why Bangladesh Meteorological department have named the Fani Cyclone. Well, the rule is the country from where the cyclone starts have the right to name that Cyclone.

Before, 1945, Cyclones not have any name, due to which Weather departments find difficult to log Cyclone data. Therefore, in 1945 World Weather Information Service starts the rule which I have mentioned above.

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