Pink Supermoon going to appear in India on April 8
Pink Supermoon going to appear in India on April 8

While everyone in India right now is in lockdown till April 14, In between an interesting celestial event is going to happen from April 7 to April 8. Back on March 5 this year, NASA published an article confirming a Supermoon going to appear this year from April 7 moonrise to April 8 morning. In India, we will able to see the same event at 8:05 am IST on April 8.

What makes this Super Moon so cool is it is actually a Pink Supermoon that is the brighest of all Supermoon events going to happen this year.

Well, those of you who don’t know What Supermoon is? Well, it is a celestial event that occurs who Moon comes closest to the Earth. As we know, the Moon revolves around Earth in an elliptical orbit. An elliptical orbit on the other hand has a farthest and closest point. The farthest point is called Apogee whereas the closed point is called Perigee.

On the same elliptical orbit, the Apogee is 405,500 Kilometres from earth whereas Perigee is around 363,300 Kilometres from the earth. Supermoon is the celestial event that occurs when it reaches Perigee.

Scientists says Supermoons are 7% percent bigger and 15% brighter than the regular Moon.

So, are you excited to watch the Pink Supermoon in India. Let us know in the comment section down below.

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