India records 49 gigawatt solar capacity december 2021

A report from Mercom India Research called Annual 2021 India Solar Market Update has said that India record 49 Gigawatt of solar capacity as of December 2021.

In the year 2021 alone, the country has added 10 Gigawatt of solar capacity. In 2020, that was merely 3.2 GW. That shows more than 50 percent increase compare to the previous year.

The increase in solar capacity is because of large-scale solar projects started in 2021. The rooftop installation of solar panels increased 138 percent in 2021.

The installation of solar projects in the country is increasing 230 percent year on year.

Three states in India – Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh account for more than 50 percent of solar capacity in the country.

In the year 2021, only Rajasthan adds 3.5 GW of solar capacity in the country.

The demand for solar power in the country is rising day by day. In the current year as well, its demand is strong but is facing several challenges. For example, supply chain issues, high component price, custom duty, import restrictions, and others.

Let’s see how much solar capacity will India add this year. What’s your opinion? Do let us know in the comments down below.

Source: Mercom India Research

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