File Income Tax Return via Aadhaar Card
File Income Tax Return via Aadhaar Card

One can now file Income Tax Return via Aadhaar Card. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today presenting the Union Budget of India for the financial year 2019-20.

She made a special announcement for Individuals who find it challenging to file an Income tax return. Today, Nirmala Sitharaman announce that the Pan and Aadhaar are now Interchangeable.

That means one could now use Aadhaar Card for filling Income Tax. Right now, if you look over the data, around 120 million Indians have Aadhaar Card. However, the same number of people don’t have a PAN Card, and they find it difficult to file their Income tax return.

Till now, Government has made PAN Card Mandatory for filing Income Tax. So now because the PAN Card and the Aadhaar Card are Interchangeable, one of them is necessary while filing an Income tax return.

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