Game of Thrones Prequel Doesn't have a Title Yet
Game of Thrones Prequel Doesn't have a Title Yet

The Creator of Game of Thrones George RR Martin confirms Game of Thrones Prequel doesn’t have a title yet. We do not just love GOT, but it finds a place in our DNA. However, we still don’t know what happens in Westeros back in early days. For example, How that Great Ice wall was built? Evolution of Targaeryns, Revolt of King Robert, History of Children of Forest, Revolt of Knight King etc. Seems like all these Questions are ready to solve in the Prequel chapters of Game of Thrones.

Earlier RR Martin himself reveals its title too i.e. The Long Night but now Martin apologizes via his not so-called Blog and reveals the title has not been decided yet. However, it now confirms a prequel will definitely come. For now, you have to satisfy your curiosity by the dialogue called “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa“. Oh yeah don’t ask any question, we also don’t know its meaning yet. We let you know because we find it interesting in Martin blog post.

We all know Game of Thrones S08 coming next year. Moreover, the next book of Martin in Westeros series will reveal the History of Targaryens. The Book is going to release on November 20 and its name is Fire and Blood.

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