T-Series Vs Pewdiepie
T-Series Vs Pewdiepie

This article reveals something about T-series vs Pewdiepie. Yes, it is true. Now, T-Series is going to defeat Pewdiepie and become the largest subscribed YouTube channel.

Moreover, for those who don’t know who is Pewdiepie and T-Series, this is the place where you will get to know each and everything.

Who is Pewdiepie?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg aka Pewdiepie is a Swedish Youtuber and video game commentator. He is the one holding the throne of having the most number of subscribers on YouTube. His Channel name is Pewdiepie. Last time he was in news for his tweet war with Indian Serial Queen “Ekta Kapoor”.

What is T-Series?

First, it is an Indian music record label and film production company founded by Gulshan Kumar in 1980s. T-Series has too a YouTube channel. It holds the second position after Pewdiepie in terms of the number of subscribers.

T-Series is also the most subscribed music channel on YouTube. Also, it is the world’s most viewed YouTube channel.

T-Series Vs Pewdiepie

From the last 9 years, Pewdiepie holds the position of highest subscribed YouTube Channel, now which is being challenged by this Indian channel T-Series. The subscriber’s growth rate of T-Series is higher that Pewdiepie. It is expected that within 30 days T-Series will defeat Pewdiepie and will become the largest subscribed Youtube channel.

How did it happen?

Now, let me tell you how it happened. T-Series is uploading good contents and people are loving it. Further, as the data rates have been significantly reduced in India. Most of the people are now accessing YouTube. As a result, the Indian music channel “T-Series” got a whopping growth.

Some of the most viewed songs of T-Series are:

  1. Guru Randhawa (Lahore)
  2. Bom Diggy Diggy
  3. Laung Laachi
  4. Yo Yo Honey Singh (Dil Chori)
  5. Suit full video song
  6. Dilbar Lyrical (Satyamev Jayate)

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