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SBI Complaint Online Form | Image Credits: Silliguri Times

Do you know about SBI Complaint Online Form? Do you know every bank has an Online Portal that gives their customers the facility to file any complaint about their services? India’s Largest public bank, SBI also have this facility. However, most of you seem like unaware of this facility till now. Ever encounter a situation where you get too angry on an SBI personnel because of his/her service, and don’t know where to file a complaint about him/her.

So, For all of you who face any type of irregularity with any SBI services, I think this article is for them. So, read this article because here we don’t just provide you with the online portal of the form via which you can file a complain but we also provide you with other methods too.

How to file any Complain About SBI? SBI Compliant Online Form

SBI has a portal called Customer Complaint Form. Via this portal, you can lodge a complaint about any SBI issue.

SBI Online Customer Complaint Form

This Portal ask you several details so first know about it so that at time of filling these details will handy to you. Below are the details SBI online Customer Complaint Form asks from you while you filling it.

  • Customer Type
  • Account Number
  • Name of Complainant
  • Branch code (If other than Home Branch)
  • Mobile Number
  • Email
  • Category of Complaints
  • Products and Services
  • Nature of Complaint
  • Brief Description of your Complaint

After filling out all the details feed the captcha and click on the submit button to lodge a complaint.

Note that you can also track your complaint status. It means you can check at which checkpoint your complaint has been reached. Moreover, whether the officials resolve your issue or not.

How to Track SBI Online Complaint Status?

SBI again provide a separate portal to their customers to track their online complaint. We provide you the link below.

Click to Track your SBI Online Complaint Status

Other Ways to File Complaint About SBI Services

SBI officials have also provided Toll-Free Numbers via which one can lodge a complaint. These Numbers are 1800 112 211 and 1800 425 3800.

If you think the Bank officials have not resolved your complaint then you can approach RBI for this. Below we provide you the link via which you can now lodge a complaint to RBI which is the regulating authority of all the banks in India.

Lodge Complaint to RBI

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