Soon GATE will made Compulsory for Getting an Engineering Degree
Soon GATE will made Compulsory for Getting an Engineering Degree

Engineering in India is so common these days, now in every house, you find an engineer. However, their employment rate is quite very low when we look at this high expended technical degree certificate. This all happen because of the rising number of engineering colleges in India. Now, to improve the quality of technical education, AICTE looks forward to making GATE compulsory for getting an Engineering Degree.

This new decision can come forward for Academic Year 2019-20. Means students who are going to complete their engineering session in 2019-20 can face this new rule. However, many students, as well as institutions, criticize this new rule. In India, there are approximately 3000 engineering institutions out of which every year 7 lakh students complete their engineering. If this new decision came into effect, then one can get an engineering degree only when after passing out the GATE exam.

GATE which is also listed among one of the toughest exams in India. This new rule not only improves the quality of education in colleges but also lead to taking serious action against those colleges who just distribute the engineering degree. AICTE also says this new rule also open doors for employment to engineering graduates. However, if you ask from us about the ground scenario, suppose out of these 7 Lakh students, 1 Lakh will get passed, then is the PSU have that number of seats for giving them employment?

What will students do with a quality education if they can’t make money out of it or to get an employment? Let see whether this decision will come into effect or not.?

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