Government of India reportedly merging UGC and AICTE Together
Government of India reportedly merging UGC and AICTE Together

To improve the quality of education and Institutions in India, the Central Government now looks forward to merge UGC and AICTE to form a new regulatory body. Well, it is not officially confirmed yet but according to different source AICTE and UGC merge will give birth to HECI called Higher Education Commission of India.

Those of you who don’t Right now, UGC is the regulatory body of Universities in India. The main function of UGC is to approve and provide funds to universities in India. Also UGC maintains the standards of quality education in India according to which it approve or provide funds to universities.

Similar to UGC, AICTE is the regulatory body of all the technical Institutions in India. It is the responsibility of AICTE to give approval to Institutions belonging to Engineering, Management, MCA, Pharmacy, Architecture, and Hotel Management domain.

Now, Government of India looks forward to merge both of these two regulatory bodies to form one regulatory body called Higher Education Commission in India.

Back in June 2019, HRD Ministry releases a program called EQUIP i.e. Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Program. Now, it is the responsibility of EQUIP to setup Higher Education Commission in India.

Do note that HECI has the same role as you can assume together of AICTE and UGC have. That means HECI going to regulate all the educational institutions in India.
Other than HECI, Government also looking forward to roll out National Research Foundation ahead of Next Union Cabinet meeting. The National Research Foundation is again an organisation controlled by Government of India that will fund and promote research activities in India.

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