IRCTC Rolling Out POS Machines in Indian Trains
IRCTC Rolling Out POS Machines in Indian Trains

To enhance Payment system in Indian Trains IRCTC rolling out POS Machines in Indian Trains. We usually buy food items while we travel on train. Howeover, sometimes we don’t have change or money available in our hand. Well in that case we can pay money via debit card, when this system will available.

Infact this new system will also provide the billing info via receipt which we are not getting right now. This will also control overcharge billing. IRCTC plans to add more than POS handheld machines in Indian Trains. This new system will also bring transparent in Indian Railway Catering system.

IRCTC Officials also say in every block of train we provide at least 8 POS machines. Right now, you can find a total of more than 2000 POS machines available in Indian Trains Pantry Car. However, to make this service available in every Trains IRCTC look forward to increase POS machines number.

To monitor whether this new system, right now rolling out properly in Indian Railways, IRCTC also sends a new vigillance team. They monitor this facility in Indian Railways from January 26 to February 15.

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