Soon the people of India will be able to go to Nepal by train
(Photo Credits: Reeyaz Ghazi)

In recent months, we have seen a lot of conflict between India and Nepal, however, leaving behind all these things, today India has conducted a successful trial of train operations between Jayanagar and Badribas. After the trial was successful today, some trains are expected to be operational soon between Jayanagar (which is in India) and Badribas (which is in Nepal).

Train runs in between Jayanagar, India to Badribas, Nepal (Photo Credits: Reeyaz Ghazi)

In order to find out the technical shortcomings in the train, today, many railway officers traveled in a train from Jayanagar to Badribas. When this train left for Badribas from Jayanagar to cover a distance of 64 kilometers, there were a total of 9 stations and 5 halts in between. At present, we cannot say for sure when the train will start between Jayanagar to Badribas for the common people, but if we agree to what the railway officers said, then it will start operating during Navratri.

In the agreement between the Government of India and Nepal regarding the operation of the train, it has been said that the money for the train ticket sold on the Jayanagar-Kurtha via Janakpur railway line will go to the Treasury of the Nepal government. In lieu of this, Indian Railways personnel will be given monthly salary. In addition, the Government of Nepal will provide funds to the Government of India to run trains between India and Nepal.

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