OLA Launches Credit Card
OLA Launches Credit Card in collaboration with SBI and VISA | Image Credits: Twitter Handle @bhash

Indian Origin Transportation Network Company OLA Launches Credit Card in collaboration with VISA and SBI. The credit card which is named OLA Money SBI Card offers customers an additional mode of payment. Here, the difference is customers get rewards in form of cashbacks. Moreover, one can redeem these cashbacks on OLA rides, Hotel Booking, Flight Booking and all that. What makes the OLA Money SBI Card cashback so cool is its validity is for lifetime.

In a recent press release, OLA CEO and Co-Founder, Bhavish Aggarwal explains this new facility will benefit around 150 million customers. He explains these are the same 150 million customers who use digital payments as there Payment method for OLA rides.

One could apply for OLA Money SBI Card via the same OLA App they use for booking their rides. However, the same app will also let users to manage this card and check cashbacks. So, if you look forward to apply for this card, you could do the same from OLA App. Moreover, OLA won’t take any charge or subscription fee for issuing this Card. Seems like they just want to cluster their digital payment customers at one place.

In India, Right now OLA is available in 63 cities. However, we talk about this figure through out globally it is 125 across India, Australia, New Zealand and UK.

So, if you look forward to enroll for this card do it quickly, because OLA going to issue 10 million of its user this card by year 2022. However, as I already mentioned earlier, the total number of users who use digital payment as their payment method for OLA is 150 million.

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