SBI Customers can now withdraw Cash from ATM without ATM Card

SBI Customers can now withdraw Cash from ATM without ATM Card. Actually, SBI has launched a facility called Yono Cash that allow an SBI customer to transact cash from ATMs supporting this service. ATMs that allows SBI customers to transact cash via Yono Cash service are called Yono Cash Point. There are a total of 16,500 Yono Cash Points available in our country.

To avail this service, Customers first have to install SBI Yono App in their Smartphone. You can access SBI Yono in a total of three below Platforms.

Now, after Installing the App, one can feed the amount they want to transact from Yono Cash Point. Once they feed the amount in the app, the registered Mobile Number will receive a 6 digit code and reference number. Then, feeding either the code or reference number one will able to transact the money.

Do note that the validity of the code is only for 30 minutes. Therefore, make sure the Yono Cash Point is near to you.

You can find the list of available SBI Yono Cash Points near you by the SBI Finder app.

Beside transacting cash from ATM, SBI Yono app have other facilities as well. Some of these facilities are:

  • Fund Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Service Requests
  • Financial Products
  • Shopping Facilities and more

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