Activate SBI ATM Card
Activate SBI ATM Card

In this article, we guide you to How to activate SBI ATM Card? Recently Governement of India disable those ATM cards that doesn’t have EMV chip fabricated on it. To check whether your card have this chip or not, Just look at the font portion of card and see at the upper middle left that a golden chip sticks on it or not. If not then you have to replace your card by visiting to registered SBI Branch.

Anyways this article is for those personnel who already replace their card and looks for How to activate it.

From activation, I simply mean, you have to generate a PIN for your Card.

Note: The ATM PIN you use for your Old card isn’t valid for the new one. You have to generate a new ATM PIN.

If you don’t know how to generate an ATM PIN for your brand new SBI ATM card, don’t worry. Because in this article, I am going to talk about the same.

Before, generating the PIN make sure you have your ATM Card and registered Mobile Phone handy to you. Moreover, you can generate the PIN by visiting to your nearest ATM corner.

Steps to Activate SBI ATM Card by Generating PIN

First Insert your ATM Card, then select PIN Generation.

Next, Enter your 11 Digit Account Number and Click on Confirm option.

Then, Enter your 10 Digit Mobile Number and Click Confirm.

After that you get a message displayed on the screen i.e. Dear Customer, State Bank Appreciates you for the Green Initiative. PIN shall be shortly delivered to your registered mobile number on success of Transaction. Here you have to again select the Confirm option.

Next, the following message displays on the ATM Screen.

“Your PIN Generation Transaction is Successful. You will receive your PIN Shortly through your registered mobile number. Please Change your PIN without which you will not be allowed to do any Transaction.”

Now, Check your registered mobile number where you receive an OTP. Beware! the OTP here you receive is not in digits but in words. So be careful here.

Now, Insert your Card again in the ATM and select Banking. Now, the PIN here you provide is same OTP or say PIN you receive in your Phone.

Once you feed the PIN click confirm and select PIN Change. Next choose a 4 digit PIN which you want to set it for your Card. Again feed it. That’s it you finally activate your SBI ATM Card.

Now, you can do transactions with you SBI ATM Card with the PIN you set for your card.

Note: Next time you want to change the PIN for your Card, you can simply do so by inserting your card, feed the current PIN and choose a new one via PIN Change option.

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