AICTE will not accept any application to open new engineering colleges for the next two years

The All India Council for Technical Education has released a new handbook in which they cite that they will not accept the application of opening any new engineering college in India for the next two years i.e. by 2022. There are nearly 4 lakh engineering colleges in India, but if we talk about 2019, there are 27 lakh seats in these engineering colleges, out of which there are 14 lakh seats for undegraduate, 11 lakh seats for diploma and 1.8 lakh seats for postgraduate.

The report released by AICTE stated that in the year 2019, only 13 lakh seats could be filled in these 27 lakh seats. Out of these 13 lakh seats, 7 lakh seats were filled by undergraduates. The rest of the seats remained vacant due to which the All India Council for Technical Education decided that for the next 2 years they will not accept any new engineering college opening applications.

AICTE also released a data about the jobs on campus, in which he said that only 6 lakh people could get jobs from the campus last year. Apart from this, a total of 518 engineering colleges have been closed during the years 2015 to 2019.

BVR Mohan Reddy, chairman of the council committee and chairman of IIT Hyderabad, told that they would think of removing the ban now after 2 years.

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