What happens with VVPAT Slip now
What happens with VVPAT Slip now | Credits: Swarajya

Lok Sabha Election 2019 is over, What happens with VVPAT Slip now? A Question, most of you might be thinking about. Does Election commission to throw these slips on Garbage or something else. In this article, I am going to talk about the same.

The result for General Election 2019 is out on May 23, that declares the historical victory of NDA government. Moreover, On May 30, Prime Minister Modi takes the oath of the same position again.

Now, Talking about VVPAT Slip, This is the first time VVPAT machines were introduced in General Election 2019. The machine generates a slip of the candidate a person vote to. Because opposition question the transparency of EVM, Election commission introduce VVPAT with EVM.

In one VVPAT, there are approximately 1400 slips. After casting of votes, these slips are also sealed inside VVPAT machine. Election have to preserve these slips till 45 days from the date of counting (which is May 23, 2019). That means election commission have to preserve these slips till the mid of July.

Election commission have to preserve these slips till 45 days because in case of any violation, a person could file a report in High court in under these 45 days. And if court draws the decision in favour of the respective person, Election commission have to count these slips for verification.

To protect these slips from moisture, it is stored inside polythene. Therefore, one can not decompose it by splitting for example Ink on it.

So, I think I have cleared the answer for the question. Election commision have to preserve VVPAT Slips till mid of July.

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