Amit Shah likely to Join PM Modi Cabinet
Amit Shah likely to Join PM Modi Cabinet

A new report has came out that says Amit Shah likely to Join PM Modi Cabinet as the Finance Ministry of India. The same report also clarifies Jagat P Nadda and Dharmendra Pradhan who currently holds Health and Petroleum Ministry could replace Shah position as the party President.

Right now, Arun Jaitley manages the finance Ministry, however, it seems like he will leave the position due to his health condition. In General Election 2019 and after we see Amit Shah and PM Modi together at several places. Also do note that Amit Shah holds a respective position to campaign for the party in General Election 2019 and leads to achieve the victory. Seems like that’s also the reason Why he is going to appoint to handle finance ministry.

On May 30, Prime Minister Modi again going to take the oath as the Prime Minister of India. Although we can’t confirm but it seems like Prime Minister Modi to declare Shah name as the Finance Minister of India the same day.

Shah takes the BJP President position back in July 2014. Before, Shah, Rajnath Singh holds the same position. So, it’s been 5 years since Shah work as the party president and now its time to fetch him inside the cabinet.

Those of you who underestimate this 54 year BJP leader let me tell you that he became the member of BJP even before Prime Minister Modi. He joined BJP in 1986, however, PM Modi Joined the party in 1987.

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