Download Voter Slip Online Lok Sabha Election 2019
Download Voter Slip Online Lok Sabha Election 2019

The voting for Lok Sabha Election 2019 is currently going on. Three of its Phase is already over among its total 7 phases. The vote casting for the third phase is over today and many users find it difficult to download their Voter Slip online. So, here comes our article explaining how you could download your voter slip online.

In some areas people get voter slips easily available because the political parties has made it available for them. Note that, before reaching the polling booth you make sure that your name is on voter list as well as you have the voter slip plus your identity card. I already wrote a post in which I mention how to check whether your name is on voter list or not? Now, let’s check out how you can download your voter slip online.

How to Download Voter Slips online 2019?

Government of India has appointed National Voter Service Portal to provide the user the Voter Slip online. However, to manage this service, NVSP has maintained an another site called electoral search. You can access this site by go to this link:

Once you visit this link, all you have to do is fill out all the details the portal ask you to fill.

You can search for name in voter list by selecting either the tab Search by Details or Search by EPIC No.

Search for you name in Voter List
Search for you name in Voter List

Once the portal find your record it will prompt you at the bottom of the screen. Click on the details button.

Once you click on the details button a new page will open that provide a detailed Information. Below in this page you will find a Print button clicking on which will lead you to print your voter slip.

This slip contains your Voter Serial Number, Polling Station, Polling Date which is very important.

Now, with this voter slip along with your Identity Card like Aadhaar Card, Voter ID card you will able to cast your vote at your respective polling station.

If you still find any difficulty downloading your Voter Slip, you could post your problem below and we will let you know the solution as fast as we can.

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