Model Code of Conduct in India
Model Code of Conduct in India

This article explains about Model Code of Conduct in India and some basic rules associated with it. Well those of you who don’t know, Model Code of Conduct is a set of Guidelines made by Election commission of India. These Guidelines control Political Parties, Candidates and other personnel too in various aspect. Following MCC ensures the free and fair election process.

When Model Code of Conduct Came in Force?

MCC activates once Election Commission announced the date of Election. This year Model Code of Conduct came into force on March 10, 2019 in India.

MCC Purpose

The main purpose of MCC is, the ruling party in the state as well as in the Central Ministry not misuse their power and position.

When do we say a Model Code of Conduct is Violated in India?

A Political Party giving hatred speeches creating difference in between different caste and communities is violating the Model Code of Conduct.

A candidate or political party can make comment about the work ( that include their policies, program etc) of the opposition party. However, if they made a comment about their personal life, it also categorised under Model Code of Conduct Violation.

Political Candidate or A political party can’t organize any forum on communal places like Temples, Mosques, and Churches.

A Political Party or Candidate most not bribe or Intimidate voters. Also, they are not allowed to put hording under 100 meters of a polling booth. Also, not able to campaign 48 hours before the polling.

No Political Party can put hoardings, banners or flags on an individual private property without his/her permission.

A candidate must ensure that his supporter can also not disturb the meetings or rallies of other political party. This include even asking questions orally or in writing.

Before organising a rally a political party must inform the local police authority about it to ensure public safety and regulations.

A party also have to take permission from the concerned authority before using loudspeakers for rallies or meetings.

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