pm modi social media account womens day

Yesterday, Via his official Twitter Handle, Prime Minister Modi announced that he is giving up his social media accounts. However, also write that he will keep us posted. Well, the statement let most of us confused. We thought does PM Modi seriously going to quite major social platforms or he may launch a swadeshi social platform to gather us there.

However, Today, on the other hand, PM Modi clarified again via his official Twitter handle that On 8 March, he is going to give away his different social media accounts that include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to those women whose life and work inspire us. Do note that 8 March is celebrated as International’s Womens day and that why PM Modi decided to give up his social media accounts to select Indian Woman that day.

Well, Giving up different social media handles of India’s Most Powerful man to woman even for a single day signifies How Prime Minister of India care about Woman. To gain access to PM Modi social media account, PM has appealed every woman out there to share their inspirational story under the hashtag #SheInspiresUs.

Here is what PM Modi today today about the topic we are discussing.

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