Someone hacks BJP Delhi Website
Someone hacks BJP Delhi Website

This Thursday someone hacks BJP Delhi Website and posted Beef Dishes images over it. If you see closely, this incident happens after a day Prime Minister Modi takes the oath as the 15th Prime Minister of India. On Thursday, On one hand where Prime Minister Modi cabinet Ministers taking oath for their position whereas on the other hand their Delhi arm website got hacked.

Some hacker called SHADOW_VIP3R takes the responsibility of this incident by positing a message “Hacked by SHADOW_VIP3R” over the website. Also the hacker replace the word BJP with BEEF and also post some Beef Dishes over the site.

A Twitter handle by the name Elliot Alderson shares an image of How the website look during it was hacked. As you can see, right now if you visit the site BJP IT cell has back it up as normal.

This is not the first time, Someone hacks BJP website. If you remember last year in the month of March someone hacks BJP Main website. That time however, to recover the site to its normal condition in it dynamic form, BJP IT cell takes some days. In the meantime, they able to run the site in static condition.

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