Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

In a bid to help board students save their academic time, CBSE has allowed them to improve their marks in at most one subject via the Compartment Exam.

Earlier, if students scored less marks in any of the subjects then the only option to improve the marks was applying the copy for recheck. But as per the recently introduced National Education Policy, CBSE is now allowing students to give compartmental exams to improve the marks in at most one subject.

The Compartment Exam will take place just after the completion of the regular exam. This year the Class 10th and 12th board exam is starting from May 4 and will complete on June 10. Hence, the compartment exam will be scheduled just after June 10. The date is not revealed yet.

Now, while CBSE has allowed students to improve their marks in at most one subject via the compartment exam, if students want to improve their marks in two or more subjects, they have to wait for the next year just like earlier to give the examination with the next batch.

Now improving the marks in one subject, CBSE has said they will consider that marks in the result that is higher. For example, suppose you appear for the paper Physics in the regular exam and you score 24 marks and then you applied and appear in the Physics Compartment exam where you score 74. Then in that case the 74 marks will be placed while creating the result.

Also, it is said, students who appear for the compartment exam will be issued the combined mark sheet.

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