Congress Manifesto for Lok Sabha Election 2019
Congress Manifesto for Lok Sabha Election 2019 | Image Credits:

Congress Manifesto for Lok Sabha Election 2019 is public Today. In this manifesto congress focus on Farmers, Employment, Health and Security sectors of our country. On this occasion UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Ex-Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, A.K. Antony, Priyanka Gandhi and other senior leaders of the party were present. With their release of the Manifesto Congress now become the first party to release their manifesto for Lok Sabha election 2019.

Okay, let’s talk about the important point that the party mention in their Manifesto.

Top 10 Important Announcement in Congress Manifesto for Lok Sabha Election 2019

One of biggest announcement congress has made to give poor people Rs. 72,000 per year. That counts for Rs. 6000 per month. However, the structure of how they achieve this is not public yet.

Employment is a crucial and now a serious issue in our country. Pumping about this issue, congress says about 22 lakh government seats in our country are vacant. If our government will form, we will look forward to fill up those seats.

Another Important thing congress says about employment is to appoint 10 Lakh youth in Gram Panchayat Jobs.

PM Modi introduces Make in India, Youth who wants to be an entrepreneur, right now have to take permission from various government departments. Congress says if they form the government a youth won’t have to take any permission from government to start up there business for 3 years.

We all know Mgnrega was setup by Congress Government which is also criticized by the current government. Now, the party announce to give a Guaranty job for at least 100 to 150 days in an year.

Congress says they look forward to form a separate Budget for Farmers, if they form their Government in India.

Right now, if a farmer takes a loan and not able to repay it, they lock inside the jail. Congress says if they form the government, loan repayment issue will be taken as a civil issue not a criminal one.

INC says they will spend 6% of the total GDP on education if they form the government.

Will also improve the health sector of our country and that will directly benefit the lower section of society.

Congress says in this 5 year of BJP rule, Terrorism has increased in our country. Moreover, Internal division has also takes place. We will first focus on the internal security of our country and will also take serious action against terrorism.

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