Check Credit Score Report Via PayTm
Check Credit Score Report Via PayTm

Credit Score is a single score in between 300 and 900 that indicates your credit worthiness. In India, Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions regularly sharing your loan and credit card account details to four RBI Authorized Credit Information Companies. These Four CIC companies are Experian, Transunion (CIBIL), Equifax, and CRIF Highmark.

According to the habit of your regularly payment of loans these companies gives you credit score or increment it. Greater the credit score, the greater your chances of loan approval. You should have Regularly Check your Credit score and work on to improve its score. However, there is a serious blockage user find while checking his/her credit score.

There are several portals available online via which one can check their credit score but most of them ask for the money to reveal it.

Now, You could check your Credit score and report via PayTm as it rolls out a special section for it. You can check your credit score via PayTm by simply going to your profile section like as I show you in the screenshot below.

My Credit Score Option in PayTm
My Credit Score Option in PayTm

As you can see in your Profile section, there is this new option called My Credit Score, tapping on which leads you to a page where you have to fill up your necessary info. to fetch your credit report.

Note: PayTm generates your Credit report from RBI Authorized Credit Information Company called Experian.

Once you fill up all the details and ask PayTm to fetch your Credit Report, you’ll get a mail from PayTm that contains your Credit Report.

This is how you could check your credit score as well as report from PayTm without paying a single penny.

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