How to Check my name in Voter List 2019
How to Check my name in Voter List 2019

Lok Sabha Election 2019 is already begun and people start voting for their favourite candidates. One thing however, we quite notice that many voter when reach their respective booth won’t find their name on the voter list. Therefore, we think to write an article where we mention How one can check whether his/her name is on voter list or not? Not just finding their name on voter list some people also not able to recognize his/her polling booth.

So, if you also find answer to these two question this article is for you. Here we explain you how you can find your polling booth as well as whether your name is present in voter list or not.

Let me start by explaining How can you find your polling booth?

There are four ways by which you can find your Polling booth i.e. SMS, Call, Web, and App. In all of these four ways SMS is the most simplest one. You can simply send the SMS in the format given below to know your polling booth.


Don’t forget to replace <SPACE> with a space and EPIC_NO. with your 10 digit epic number.

Note: You can find your Epic number in your Voter ID card. It is a 10 digit number.

You can also visit the link and fill up the respective details to find your polling booth.

Moreover, there is a helpline number i.e. 1950 in front of which you have to put your STD code first and then place a call. This way too you can get details of your polling booth. For example, 956211950 where 95621 is the STD code of my city Muzaffarpur.

The last method is via an app called Voter Helpline App which is available in Play Store and Apple Store by which too you could find your polling booth.

Okay, this is all about How you can check your Polling Booth. Now, let’s check out How you can find whether your name is on voter list or not.

How to find Whether your name is present on Voter List or not?

Again there are four ways which we already mentioned above you can find whether your name is on voter list or not.

Now, to check your name on voter list via SMS, you have to send the SMS in the format given below.

Send ECI<SPACE>EPIC NO. to 1950

Again don’t forget to replace <SPACE> with a space and EPIC NO. with your 10 digit Epic number which you can find in your voter id card.

Note that once you send the SMS, ECI will revert back an SMS to you. Moreover, That SMS contain information like your Name, Father’s Name, House No., and Polling Station.

Note that Election commission has not allowed Mobile phones under 100m radius of Polling booth. So, check these details outside this radius.

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