Huda City Centre Name Changed to Millenium City Centre Gurugram

Yesterday, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited posted a tweet informing people that they are changing the name of Huda City Metro Station to Millennium City Centre Gurugram.

In the past 24 hours, DMRC changed the name of Huda City Metro Station a third time.

First they kept the name to Gurugram City Centre and then they named it Millennium City Centre and now they named it to Millennium City Centre Gurugram.

That shows how arbitrary DMRC officials are taking the decisions.

Do note that while Huda City Metro Station is part of DMRC Yellow line, the state resides in the millenium city of Haryana called Gurugram.

The famous Huda City Metro Station is the terminal point of 49 km long Delhi Metro’s yellow line.

This metro station was opened back on June 21, 2010.

Why the name of this metro station has changed, DMRC officials haven’t commented about it so far.

But Yes, Huda City Metro Station will now be called Millennium City Centre Gurugram.

How many of you do like this name and if not, tell me your reason in the comments down below.

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