Haryana CM Approved Various Infrastructure Projects in Gurugram
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This Friday, the Chief Minister of Haryana, Shri Manohar Lal Khattar chaired the 10th meeting with Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA). In the same meeting, the CM approved several infrastructure projects for Gurugram. For these projects, the CM approved Rs. 1894 crore fund for the year 2022-23.

While some of these projects will solve the waterlogging problem in the city, other projects will help people reach from one place to another in the city in the shortest span of time.

In this article, I will list all the Infrastructure projects that the Chief Minister of Haryana approved this Friday.

So, without further ado let’s start.

State Government Approved Upcoming Infrastructure Projects in Gurugram

Below I have listed all the upcoming infrastructure projects in Gurugram that have been approved by the State government recently.

Peripheral Road Upgradation Between Village Ghata and NH-48

The southern peripheral road that exists between Village Ghata and NH-48 will soon be upgraded to contain 8 flyovers, a 6-lane carriageway, and a 6-lane service road.

Sewage Treatment Plant in Najafgarh

The leg 2 and leg 3 of Gurugram master storm water drains will soon be connected to the Najafgarh drain. Also, to prevent the waterlogging problem in Najafgarh, a lake (and a sewage treatment plant alongside the lake) will soon be built. The construction of a lake and a sewage treatment plant will overcome the waterlogging problem in the city.

Service Road on Dwarka Expressway

A 7.5-meter-wide service road of length 15.30 km will soon be built on both sides of Dwarka Expressway. Rs. 119.15 crores have been estimated to construct this service road.

Water Treatment Plant in Basai and Village Chandu

To increase the water capacity in the district, a water treatment plant of 90 MLD capacity will soon be constructed in Basai. Do note that Basai already has a WTP of capacity 270 MLD.

In addition to Basai, a WTP of 100 MLD capacity will also be constructed in the village Chandu.

An amount of Rs 295 crore has been estimated to construct both of these WTPs.

Also, a timeline of 3 years has been estimated to construct these WTPs.

Sewage Treatment Plant in Behrampur and Village Naurangpur

To strengthen the sewage system of the city, the state government is constructing several STPs.

For example, To discharge the sewage of sectors 58 to 76, an STP of 100 MLD capacity will soon be constructed in Behrampur.

Also, an STP of 40 MLD capacity will be constructed in the Naurangpur village.

Sewer Line in Different Sectors

A master sewer line of 12 km and 26 length will soon be constructed in between sector 77 to 80 and sector 104 to 115.

Installation of CCTV cameras at 258 location

In coordination with the GMDA officials, the state government is going to install 2722 CCTV cameras at 258 locations in Gurugram.

Other Miscellaneous Projects

Other miscellaneous projects include storm water drainage network in sector 37C, 37D, sector 68-80, and sector 112 to 115.

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