Women can Travel free in Delhi Metro Rail
Women can Travel free in Delhi Metro Rail

Today in a public meeting, Delhi C.M. Arvind Kejriwal announces, Soon Women can travel free in Delhi Metro Rail and DTC Buses. He further mention, this project will cost the State government around Rs. 700 crore. Moreover, In Delhi Metro Rail, Central Government also holds the 50% equity. Therefore, Delhi CM Kejriwal also requests central government to clear their position and ask them not to worry about the cost of the project. Delhi CM explains, his government will bear all the cost and Central Government need not to worry about this factor.

Delhi CM like to start this new initiative to make the travel experience of women in Delhi more safer and efficient. Arvind Ji also mention, he ask his officials to complete all the necessary documentation in around one week. However, this plan will go in flow in around 2-3 months.

Beside Metro Train and DTC Buses, women will also be able to travel free in Cluster buses. Kejriwal explain there are some women who is able to bear the travel fee of their transportation. However, some are not. Therefore, those who are able to afford their transportation fee could pay it. That will help those who needs it and not able to afford it. However, the actual blueprint is not cleared yet, as you can see it will, in around 2-3 months.

At the same public meeting, Kejriwal also reveals they are working on to bring down the fixed charged component of electricity bills.

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