Facts about Chief Justice of India
Facts about Chief Justice of India

Facts about Chief Justice of India: Introduction

In this article, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about Chief Justice of India that you probably do not know. So read this article carefully.

Chief Justice of India is the head of India’s judiciary. Chief Justice of India is the head of the highest court of India, which we call the Supreme Court. Whenever a case comes to the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice’s work is to allocate that case to one or group of respective Judges.

Let’s give you an info that, our Indian Supreme Court consists of a group of judges. This group of Judges is The Bench. Currently, In our Supreme Court, there are 25 judges in total, whose maximum number is 31. 6 positions are vacant. There is only one woman judge in the Supreme Court. Under the Indian Constitution, In our Supreme Court, the judges are retiring at the age of 65.

List of Facts about Chief Justice of India

  • Chief Justice of India takes the oath under the President of India.
  • Prior to the appointment of judges of the Supreme Court and High Court, the President seeks advice from the Chief Justice of India.
  • Article 370 of Indian Constitution gives power to the Chief Justice that he can appoint ad hoc judges.
  • If Chief Justice wants, then with the help of Article 128 he can invite the retired judges of the Supreme Court to make a decision in the court.
  • Under Article 130 of Indian Constitution, with the consent of the President of India, the Chief Justice can also operate Supreme Court outside Delhi.
  • According to Article 146, Chief Justice of India can also appoint officers and servants of the Supreme Court.
  • If CJI wants, then he can transfer the judge of a High Court to another High Court. This power CJI has got according to the Article 222 of the Indian Constitution.
  • If an emergency occurs in our country and someway both the President and the Vice President seats are vacant. Then CJI completes their work.

Who appoints the Chief Justice of India?

The President of India appoints the Chief Justice of India.

How does the Chief Justice of India appointment take place?

  • Whenever a new Chief Justice’s appointment is made, the current Chief Justice of India presents a new Chief Justice name in front of the President of India.
  • Then the President of India makes him the new Chief Justice of India.
  • The appointment of the new Chief Justice takes place on the same day on which the old one retires. This means that the seat of Chief Justice of India is never empty.
  • The retiring Chief Justice chooses the new chief justice according to the following rules given below:
  • The new Chief Justice should be from the Supreme Court.
  • The person who will get the Job first in the Supreme Court is given first preference.
  • If two judges are appointed on the same day, then they choose between them as:
  • The judge who first took the oath first must give preference to him.
  • If both the judges had taken oath on the same day, then the person who works for the highest court in the High Court would be given a preference.
  • If a judge gets the highest vote from the bench, then he/she win.
  • Those whose age is more has first preference.

A person will be the judge of the Supreme Court only when he has 5 years of experience in any High Court. Moreover, 10 years of experience as a lawyer.

If you want to know who is the current Chief Justice & Judges of Supreme Court of India follow this link: Supreme Court Chief Justice & Judges.

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