Top 10 Interesting Facts About Commonwealth Games 2018
Top 10 Interesting Facts About Commonwealth Games 2018

In this article, we are going to present you the Top 10 Interesting Facts About Commonwealth Games 2018. One of the most popular game’s Competitions in the World i.e. Commonwealth Games 2018 Edition starts from Today. In Commonwealth Games, the Olympic Silver Medalist in Badminton, P.V Sindhu represent the Indian Players.

However, The Matches of Commonwealth Games starts from 5 April in Gold Coast, Queen’s land of Australia. Till now, Several Commonwealth Games Competitions organizes across several Countries. Moreover, In 2010, India also organizes the Commonwealth Games. That time, this game was organized in Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. So, Here, we are going to give you Top 10 Interesting Facts about Commonwealth Games 2018. Do read the Full article.

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Commonwealth Games 2018: List

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Commonwealth Games Delhi Chapter Snap
Top 10 Interesting Facts about Commonwealth Games Delhi Chapter Snap

1. First Commonwealth Games

The First Common Wealth Game starts back in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. That game contains 400 Players from across 11 Countries. Moreover, Because of World War 2, if we don’t Count the Year 1942 and 1946, then after every 4-year interval this game organises. In fact, In 2018 Edition of this Game, approximately 6000 players take part in it.

2. How the Name of Commonwealth Game Changes?

From the year 1930-50, Commonwealth Games is known by the name “British Empire Games”. Moreover, From the Year 1954-66, it is known by the name “British Empire & Commonwealth Games”. Finally, From 1970-74, official rename it as “British Commonwealth Games” and then British world also removes from it. This is how the Commonwealth Games get the name.

3. Total Number of Countries and Teams in Commonwealth Game

In Commonwealth Games, there are a total of 53 Countries from which 71 teams participate.

4. In which country, Commonwealth Games Organises Highest Number of Times?

Australia organises the Highest Number of Commonwealth Games. Till now, 9 Countries gets the chance to organise the Commonwealth Games. Among 18 cities of these countries commonwealth Games Organises. Moreover, Australia organises a maximum 5 times this game in year 1938,1962,1982, 2006 & 2018. However, Canada occupies the 2nd position by organising this game 4 times in the year 1930, 1954, 1978 and 1994.

5. Interesting Part of Boxing & Judo in Commonwealth Games

Judo & Boxing are the only two commonwealth game in which after the final match, 4 Awards are present to the Players. In these two Games, only two Bronze Medals are given to the player.

6. Lawn Bowls in Commonwealth

Lawn Bowls is the only game in Commonwealth which is not a part of Olympic. This game shows the effect of British Empire.

7. Only Girls can take part in this Game

Netball is the only Game in Commonwealth which only Womens can play. Moreover, this game comes in the Year 1998 Edition of Commonwealth, which organises in Kuala Lumpur.

8. Countries which are Kings of Swimming

If we talk about Swimming then, Australia, Canada & England on one side whereas all the other countries on other side. In swimming this 3 country only win approx 1500 Medals. Moreover, all the other countries medals counts only to approx 200 or something.

9. Australia has the Highest Number of Medals

In the History of commonwealth Games, Australia wins the highest number of Medals upto 2218. Moreover, England got the second position, medal counts to approx 2008. Finally, Canada takes the 3rd Position, medals count to approx 1473.

10. Indian Players who are going to take part in Commonwealth 2018.

  1. Two times Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling, Sushil Kumar take part in this Event.
  2. Mary Kom (Boxing), Gagan Narang (Shooting), Saina Nehwal (Badminton) are also some of the popular players from India, who are going to take part in this event.
  3. In Commonwealth Games 2018, One more interesting thing is a hockey match which is in between India and Pakistan. Audiences are also eagerly waiting for this.
  4. Heena Sidhu and Manu Bhaker, who are the brightest contenders for the shooting, will also participate in the game.
  5. Meanwhile, Let me tell you this is not the first time when this popular Game event is happening in Australia. Even Before this time, this Game event takes place 4 times in several states in Australia. These states are Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth.

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Detailed Report on Common Wealth Games 2018, about the Indian Team.

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