Top 10 Interesting Things to Know About Aamir Khan
Top 10 Interesting Things to Know About Aamir Khan

In this article, we are going to present you the Top 10 interesting Things to Know About Aamir Khan. If you are a Fan of Aamir Khan then, it is compulsory for you to read this article. Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan who is also known as the Mr. Perfectionist of the Bollywood Industry. When he acts in a film, we all know the film must be Perfect. His Followers are not only present in our country but in fact, his acting is appreciated outside our country also.

Top 10 Interesting Things to Know about Aamir Khan

  1. Superstar Aamir Khan born on March 14, 1965. His Father’s name was Tahir Hussain. It is said that Aamir Got his name from his father before his birth.
  2. In Childhood, Aamir was shy in nature. He even didn’t talk to the neighbor children. However, He didn’t tire when it comes to talking to his own brother & Sister.
  3. Aamir Love to read Comics. In his friend circle, the number of boys is less in comparison to girls.
  4. Do you know Kiran Rao and Aamir first met on the sets of the film Lagaan? After that, both of them became friends which then turn into Love.
  5. Do you know, Before the Movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Audience also see him in the Premises of Movie Yaadon Ki Baaraat?
  6. The Movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak Totally changes the Life of Aamir. The Film proves to be very successful. After this film, Aamir purchased his first car i.e. Maruti 800. He also buys a flat in the same building where he lives.
  7. You surprise after know that, Aamir is super lazy in his private life. However, he does his work with full-on dedication as well as perfection. That’s the reason why he is a Superstar Today.
  8. His Colleagues also say that while doing his work, Aamir doesn’t count on the Clock. He does not get his peace until he finishes his work.
  9. Mr. Perfectionalist also cares that whatever film he gets, the producer must get a significant benefit.
  10. Aamir always boosts his fans by telling them “If you want to be successful, then make your own rules and maintain it. After a perfect analysis, Aamir takes a Film.

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