Top 10 Interesting Facts about INS Karanj
Top 10 Interesting Facts about INS Karanj | Image Credits: Twitter Account of Spokespersonnavy

In this article, we are going to give you the Top 10 Interesting Facts about INS Karanj. Someone says thing true if you are right and want to keep the peace, then it is very important that you must be powerful. Our country India also favors peace and tranquility. Currently, The eyes of the whole world are pointing on India, as it is moving fast in every sphere. In this pace of development, India has now made one of the world’s most dangerous submarines, to further enhance its security. Its name is INS Karanj.

Moreover, India has created this submarine in collaboration with the Naval Defense and Energy Group (DCNS) of France. However, from the Indian side, Mazagon Dock Limited has taken the responsibility of making this submarine. Let me tell you that Mazagon Dock Limited is an Indian shipyard company. Experts believe that two of our neighboring countries i.e. Pakistan and China are not happy with this India’s Great Achievement. Okay, Let’s give you the Top 10 Interesting facts about INS Karanj.

List of Top 10 Interesting facts about INS Karanj

1. Who built INS Karanj?

INS Karanj is built by Mazagon Dock Limited in association with the DCNS. DCNS is a French industrial group specialized in naval defense and marine renewable energy. Let me tell you that the Government gives to create a total of 6 Scorpene submarines together with Mazagon Dock Limited and DCNS.

2. INS Karanj comes under Make in India Program

This submarine has been built under India’s most popular Make in India program.

3. Scorpene Class Submarine

INS Karanj falls under Scorpene class submarines. Let me tell you that Scorpene Class Submarines are Diesel Electric Attack Submarines.

4. How many Scorpene class Submarine India has right now?

India already has two Scorpene Class submarines. Their names are INS Kalwari and INS Khanderi. Last year, On December 14, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives INS Kalwari the green signal. However, INS Khanderi was launched on 12th January this year. At present, INS Khanderi gives the sea trails.

5. Measurement of INS Karanj

The length of this submarine is 67.5 meters and its height is 12.3 meters. Its weight is close to 1565 tonnes.

6. Read What Naval Chief Says about this Submarine?

Naval Chief Sunil Lamba says the technical and capabilities of this submarine are completely different from other submarines. It must be thoroughly tested in ports and deep seas before fully incorporating it in the Navy.

7. Tactics

During the war, this submarine can attack enemies and easily dodge them. It can hide in deep sea because of its oxygen making feature.

8. No Radar can detect it Inside Water

Since this submarine has the ability of Deep Sea Diving. Therefore, if this submarine dive inside the sea to its extent capability then no radar can detect it.

9. Capable of Under Water as well as Surface Attack

With the help of this submarine, Indian Navy can perform an underwater attack as well as also a surface attack. It also has the feature of Precision Guided Weapon.

10. It has the ability to make oxygen inside the Submarine

In the event of the lack of oxygen in the submarine, it has the technology to make oxygen inside the submarine. Due to this feature, INS Taranj can dip in water for a long time.

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