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As many of you know, two days ago, the Government of India has approved two vaccines, the first one Covishield that is manufactured by Serum Institute of India and the second one Covaxin that is manufactured by Bharat Biotech to treat COVID-19 in the country.

The first Vaccine Covishield is the Indian variant of AZD1222 vaccine which is developed by Oxford University. The second vaccine Covaxin is made completely in India by the Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Now while there is no timeline announced yet, it is expected the mass vaccination of these vaccines is to be announced within a week. Now, some reports from some trusted news publishers are saying CoWIN app is going to be the official COVID-19 Vaccination App in India. CoWIN stands for COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network.

So, what does it mean by the official COVID-19 vaccination app. Well, that means the app will be functional to accomplish some tasks of the COVID-19 vaccination process. So what are these tasks that this app could perform to help the COVID-19 vaccination process is all this article about.

List of Tasks CoWIN App Could Perform

Well to complete certain tasks of the COVID-19 vaccination process this app is said to have certain modules. Here are those modules and their function.

  • Administrator Module: This module is for Bulk Registration of Participants.
  • Beneficiary Registration Module: For Individual or Self Registration.
  • Vaccination Module: For verification of beneficiary details, updates on vaccination status, and beneficiary acknowledgement.
  • Status Updation Mode: For SMS alert, Issuance of Electronic Vaccination Certificate.

Beside all these modules, the app also has a Dashboard containing the below mentioned details of the vaccinator.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Mobile Number
  • Vaccination Status
  • Date and Time of Vaccination
  • Place of Vaccination
  • Session Site
  • Health Facility

Make sure to only download the official App

As I said above, let me say it again exclusively here that the official CoWIN app is (at the time of writing this article) not on any of the Play Store yet. Also only some few users are able to register and login in it right now.

Yes the app is certainly in the Pre-Production stage and will be launched soon on the Play Stores. In my guess, it might be launched once after the confirmation of mass vaccination in the country.

Anyway I suggest you be careful of any of such apps located in the play stores.

A report from Indian Express says, the app requires some photo identity like Aadhar, Driving License or PAN to register in it.

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