best healthcare systems around the world
best healthcare systems arounds the world

Best Healthcare Systems Around the World: Intro

If you wanna know what are some of the best healthcare systems around the world, then this article is for you.

After spending a lot of time in health for a long time, the government finally announced a great health insurance plan. This new scheme is estimated to benefit 50 million people. Under this health insurance scheme, the government will pay the cost of treating up to five lakh rupees per family. In all developed countries of the world, the Government raises the expenditure on the health facilities of ordinary citizens. Here are some of the best countries where the government pays for health-related expenses.

List of Best Healthcare Systems Around the World


Luxembourg ranks first in the healthcare system. The average age here is 82 years. The government pays the health expenditure of citizens. There are many types of emergency facilities for those living in Luxembourg. The government also pays the cost of medicine, tests and even till the admittance in the hospital. In Luxembourg, there is a card which the patient displays before the free treatment. Here, 99 percent of the people are provided free health insurance.


The average age of this country, with the population of less than one crore, is 83 years. There is both government and private insurance arrangements. The government has a special fund for health insurance. Here a mandatory medical saving program is run by the goverment. They calls it ‘Medisave’. Under this scheme, Employee also has to give some money. Tax benefits are also available on health insurance here. A low-cost scheme is run by the name of the Mediclaim. Under this scheme, treatment for long-lasting diseases is also done. This scheme is only available for the local residents of Singapore.


Japan’s average age is the highest in the world. People here live for 84 years. Like the world’s developed countries, it also follows the Universal Healthcare system. Here the patient has to spend only 30 percent of the cost of the disease. Whereas, the Govern ent pays the rest 70 percent. It also includes the cost of medicine.


Cuba has the finest healthcare facilities in the world. There are three-story buildings in the primary health center. There are patients on the first floor. On the second and third floor, there is a residential facility for doctors and nurses. So that they can easily monitor the patients for 24 hours.


The private hospitals in Norway are uncountable. Here the government takes care of the expense of major illness. Here, The government spent 9.9 percent of its total budget on health. The government pays 85 percent of the total medical treatment. According to an information by Norwegian media, recently to treat a baby girl the treatment cost was estimated in crores. In fact, a debate about it runs for several days in the House.

Apart from these countries, the world also appreciates the health facilities of the United Kingdom, Qatar, Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, New Zealand and Israel.

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