soon users withdraw 200 rupee notes from atm
soon users withdraw 200 rupee notes from atm

Soon Users Withdraw 200 Rupee Notes From ATM: Intro

Looking at the shortage of notes, soon users withdraw 200 Rupee notes from ATM. Banks start preparing for it. RBI has stopped issuing Rs 2,000 notes for ATMs.

Now you will not have to go to the bank to get a brand new 200 rupee note. Soon, you can withdraw 200 rupee notes from the ATMs across our country. Indian Leading banks start to prepare for this new arrangement. It is expected that the new 200 rupee notes will be available from the ATM until next week.

Even banks have now the limited number of 200 rupee notes. Now, Banks aren’t depositing Rs. 500 and 100 rupees in the ATM as the notes of Rs. 2 thousand are not available in the rotation.

ATMs are soon evacuating due to the small note insertion. Hence, RBI issue the guidelines to the banks to deposit 200 Rupee notes in there respective ATM’s throughout the country. Furthermore, According to the guideline work are in progress. Even, SBI claims that some bank ATMs have started getting 200 Rupee notes.

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Read What PNB Divisional Head Says

PNB divisional head AK Khosla told times now that the work on the software settings of the ATM is in progress for the 200 Rupee notes. We are working hard to give the users 200 Rupee note as early as possible. He also appeals the users to not keep the notes their house, and focus as much as possible on digital banking.

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