UGC Bans Junk Food
UGC Bans Junk Food

UGC Bans Junk Food inside college and university campus. They send this notice to all the colleges and universities that are affiliated to UGC. The obvious reason why UGC bans Junk food inside colleges and universities campus is to properly maintain students health.

Officials say most of the college students are so dependent on Junk food that it will bring several health problems among them. These problems include the rise in obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc. Banning junk food inside college and university campus set new standards for health consciousness in educational institutions. Moreover, it will also boost the healthy life of Students.

According to media reports, this circular came into effect when the Ministry of Women and Child Development present a report on consumption of high-fat foods by school students. UGC also recommends College and University staffs to bring orientation programs about health.

Not Just colleges and Universities, HRD ministry also asks schools to monitor students lunchboxes. Moreover, If possible also explains them different foods and vegetables nutritional value.

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