HDFC Upgrades its Mobile Banking App
HDFC Upgrades its Mobile Banking App

HDFC officials post a new announcement in which they say HDFC Upgrades its Mobile Banking App. Officials upgrade the App to tighten its security. The New version of mobile banking app has been already present in Google Play store as of 3rd August. So, if you are an HDFC mobile banking app user be sure to update to the latest version.

Although, HDFC officials say that the old app will catch network error message after 3rd August 2018. To tighten the App security, the respective officials upgrade the app to a new version. In fact, the bank also sends awareness message about this new development to all its users.

So if you want to update the app follow our below steps carefully.

First Open the App on Google Play store via the link HDFC Mobile Banking App.

Then, if already install this app on your phone, here you see the Update option. Clicking on it leads to update the app. However, if you haven’t installed the app yet, there you see the install option. In this case, clicking on it install the app. Moreover, In both of these case, the app updates so don’t worry about the app updation.

Beside tighten the security you also find several new features in the App.

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